A visit to Ridgemont University with Meredith Taylor

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Today’s guest is Meredith Taylor, an indie author whose M/M book All Nighters is now available!

About Ridgemont University series:

I’ve always wanted to be a writer, and this year I decided just to sit down and do it. I let my imagination run wild, and told the stories I wanted to tell about young love and butterflies-in-your-stomach moments.

It was exhilarating seeing my first novel come to life, and after Hot Off the Press was done and dusted, many more stories about Ridgemont University came to me. Writing this series has been the most fun I’ve had in a long time, and I’m amazed that there are people out there who enjoy reading my novels as much as I enjoy writing them.

I’ve written three Ridgemont University novels and one short story over the past few months, and I’m getting ready to release my fourth novel in the series soon. I’m very proud of the books, but my latest novel, All-Nighters, holds a special place for me. It’s about the struggle of letting go of the pain of the past and opening up the space for new love to flourish.

My protagonists, Jesse and Luke, really fuelled my imagination and I discovered layers to them through the writing process that were surprising and heart-warming. I never understood how novelists said they grew to love their characters, but it’s happening to me as I continue on my journey of writing.

For the month of August, 2016, all of the Ridgemont University novels are on promotion for the price of only 99¢. I hope you enjoy them!

Blurb for All-Nighters:

One night could change your life forever … If you can learn to let go …

Luke Brennan is a psychology major at Ridgemont University. He has a dark, tragic past, and he is doing everything he can to try and fight away the memories of the loss that he has suffered. Luke seeks out fun and adventure wherever he can, hooking up with the hottest guys at Ridgemont and going on extreme sports adventures all across South Africa. But when Luke is confronted with a ghost from his past, someone who had hurt him greatly and whom he had vowed never to speak to again, his world is thrown into chaos and all of the memories come flooding back.

These disruptions couldn’t come at a worse time for Luke. He is about to start one of the most demanding assignments of his undergraduate career, the project that is make or break for the students who want to be accepted into the prestigious Ridgemont graduate Clinical Psychology program in Psychology. Luke has to stay up all night preparing for the assignment. But luckily, his nights are not lonely…

After a tryst with a handsome classmate, Jesse Montgomery, Luke discovers that his future is inextricably tied to Jesse’s, and Luke has to confront the demons of his past in order to make sense of his life. The journey he embarks on shakes Luke to his core.

Jesse Montgomery is in the same psychology class as Luke. He has had terrible luck with guys in the past, and it makes him a bit of a recluse, only enjoying the company of his loyal dog Scampers. Jesse has had a troubled past, mostly being ignored by his workaholic parents, and has developed social anxiety. His ex-boyfriend, Martin, cheated on Jesse repeatedly, and as a result Jesse doesn’t trust anyone except his best friend Phillip.

Jesse has a mild stutter that makes him especially nervous about the upcoming Psychology assignment and the oral presentation he has to give in front of his entire class. He has been working towards being a clinical psychologist for as long as he can remember, and nothing will stand in the way of him achieving his dream. Not even his ex-boyfriend Martin resurfacing in his life, or the mysterious Luke Brennan.

When Jesse has a chance encounter with Luke one night, he has to confront his fear of being used by guys, and he has to build up the confidence to take a chance on a guy who might just be the one to change Jesse’s life forever.

Luke and Jesse spend sleepless nights working on their massive assignment while dealing with the people they wish they could have left in their pasts. At the same time, the attraction between them grows. Are either of them really ready to accept the other into their lives? Can they find happiness while working through their pain? Find out in the third standalone Ridgemont University book, All-Nighters.

About Meredith Taylor:

Meredith Taylor has a doctorate in English literature, but she’d much rather be writing light, sweet romance novels than doing her day job. She loves new adventures and having cocktails with friends. She writes the Ridgemont University series.

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