A Heart Divided Re-released

This week I’ve re-released A Heart Divided, a gay Civil War romance that remains one of my favorite stories of all those I’ve written to date.

Living in Richmond, Virginia, I grew up learning more about the Civil War than most anything else. Seriously ~ we actually had a class in 7th grade called “Virginia History.” Our field trips were to plantations and battlefields. We didn’t even learn about anything after the surrender at Appomattox until 11th grade.

I’m sure being so exposed to American history at an early age fueled my interest in the Civil War. To be honest, military history in general is one of my “go-to” genres of choice. I love reading books about war (fiction and nonfiction) as well as writing stories set during different military campaigns. A Heart Divided was my first novel-length story set during the American Civil War.

Confederate Lieutenant Anderson Blanks has grown weary of the War Between the States. He is all too aware of the tenuous thread that ties him to this earth — as he writes a letter home to his sister, he realizes he may be among the dead by the time she receives the missive. His melancholy mood is shared by other soldiers in the campsite; in the cool Virginia night, the pickets claim to hear ghosts in the woods, and their own talk spooks them.

Andy knows the “ghost” is nothing more than a wounded soldier left on the battlefield, dying in the darkness. With compassion, Andy takes the picket’s lantern and canteen in the hopes of easing the soldier’s pain. After a tense confrontation with the soldier, Andy is shocked to discover none other than Samuel Talley, a young man Andy’s father had chased from their plantation when the romantic relationship between the two boys came to light. The last time the two had seen each other, Sam had been heading west to seek his fortune, and had promised to send for Andy when he could.

Then the war broke out, and Andy had enlisted in the Confederate Army to help ease the financial burden at home. Apparently Sam had similar ideas — he now wears the blue coat of a Union solider.

Sam is severely wounded and infection has begun to set in. Andy can’t sneak him into his own camp for treatment because all Union soldiers are taken prisoner. But Andy’s Confederate uniform prevents him from seeking help from the nearby Union camp, as well. It’s up to Andy to tend his lover’s wound and get Sam the help he needs before it’s too late … and before Andy’s compatriots discover Sam’s presence.

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