The Magical Stones of Pharr by J.T. Marie

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All writers start somewhere. When I began writing, I favored fantasy, since that’s what I liked to read. In high school, I started my first novel, a huge tome of epic high fantasy entitled The Magical Stones of Pharr. I finished it my first year of college and promptly put it away.

Fast forward twenty years. I now write gay fiction, but I still hold a special place in my heart for fantasy. After much hemming and hawing, and more than a little encouragement from a dear friend, I dusted off my first novel, cut about 45,000 words, and published it. At the moment it’s only available on the Kindle, but it will be released through Queerteen Press in December.

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The Eight Lands of Pharr are in trouble, and the only ones who can help are a young princess and the sister she believes lost. They hold two of the four Magical Stones, created long ago by an Ancient Mystic to channel the magic of his bloodline.

But when an evil witch named Patadora Coggs seeks to control the Stones, the two girls must join forces to save their unsuspecting world.

With them is a motley crew gathered as they travel to retrieve the remaining two Stones. Airk Ranon, cynical Weapons Master. The Baret Wray and First Commander Dungan Weir, who command King Randel’s army. Elke, a centurion who has never been away from home. Skotak, an Emini Plainsman who provides steeds for the travelers. Dreux, a young prince seeking adventure, and his lover, Estelle. And Kitt, a young orphan held enslaved by pirates.

Chased by Patadora’s Maelnords and her own shapeshifting daughter, and by the infamous Weapons Master’s outlaw reputation, the young friends travel land and sea in their quest to find the last two Stones. Once they have the Magical Stones of Pharr in their possession, they must travel to the witch’s lair and end her evil reign of terror.

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