Playing the Field: Getting Wet now available!

July 27, 2014

My latest short story, a gay erotic romance called Playing the Field: Getting Wet, is now available in e-book format!

Rory Holt is the best swimmer on the team at State U. and he knows it. Swimming is his life, and if Rory hopes to attain his dreams of Olympic gold one day, he can’t let anything distract him. Every morning finds him practicing at the campus fitness center, and every afternoon he blows his teammates away with his speed and finesse in the water.

The new semester brings with it new tryouts, including the bright, up-and-coming Chase Cohen. Chase is sexy and sure of himself, both in and out of the pool, and seems determined to catch Rory’s eye.

Rory doesn’t want to share the podium with anyone else, and he doesn’t like hearing his coach say Chase might even be better than he is when he already knows he’s the best. Chase’s attentions are annoying at first, but the more he persists, the harder Rory finds it to ignore him. Soon Rory can’t deny the growing attraction he feels towards his new teammate.

But when that attraction costs him his top spot on the leaderboard, Rory is pissed. Is Chase after Rory’s position on the team, or Rory himself?

Read an excerpt or buy a copy of the e-book today!

Have you read … Navigator’s Log?

July 25, 2014

Have you read Navigator’s Log? If not, grab a copy today only for 40% off the list price!

Tylar Daire is the navigator on a space mission whose focus is to discover a cure for a mysterious illness killing colonists on Terra. The crew consists of the captain, a soldier for protection, a scientist to study the virus, Tylar himself, and hot-shot ace pilot Rion Z’ev. From the moment Tylar and Rion meet, sparks fly. They try their best to keep their growing relationship from the others, but when they’re alone on the bridge during the day, or holed away in the sleeping quarters at night, they can’t keep their hands off each other.

Soldier Jareth is an old friend of Tylar’s. When he begins to suspect he’s caught the virus they’re trying to cure, he swears Tylar to secrecy. But Jareth gets worse, until he can’t hide it any more, and he collapses out in the field. Will the crew be able to defeat the virus, or is it too late to save them all?

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Have you read … Scarred?

July 18, 2014

Have you read Scarred? If not, grab a copy today only for 40% off the list price!

Biker gangs known as regulators rule the streets of a war-torn city with hate and pain — their cruelty is etched into every inch of Dae’s battered body. He has never known anything but hurt from the hands of men … until he meets Coby.

When the new regulator rides into town and takes an interest in him, Dae is unwilling to believe that anyone who is a regulator can be a gentle, caring lover.

Is Coby strong enough to protect Dae and his sister Delia when there’s hell to pay in the form of McBane?

Read an excerpt or to save 40% off a copy at JMS Books today only!!

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