New release — Crazy about the Cat Lady by J.T. Marie

September 3, 2018

You guys know by now that I write F/F romance (and sometimes erotic romance) under the name J.T. Marie, right? Well, my latest lesbian feel-good romance story, Crazy about the Cat Lady, is now available!

Hairdresser Dayla Jeffreys rents a booth at a high-end salon but needs another job to make ends meet. While scrolling through employment listings online, she stumbles upon what seems to be the perfect second job — cat sitting. She likes cats, and they’re such independent creatures, she probably only needs to change the food and scoop the litter box twice a day. It sounds like easy money.

On the phone, Ms. Meredith sounds like a Type A workaholic, too busy to take care of her own cats and eager to hire someone else to do it for her. She asks Dayla to meet her at a posh home in an ultra-rich neighborhood to go over the details of the job. Women like Ms. Meredith are way out of Dayla’s league.

So she’s pleased to learn Keri Meredith is an attractive, down-to-earth small business owner and cat foster mom. Keri works long hours and needs someone to check on her latest foster, a calico who’s expecting kittens at any moment.

Trouble is, Dayla has no experience with birthing cats or newborn kittens. But she likes Keri, and she thinks Keri might like her, too. Do the two women have more in common than cats?


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Have you read Commanding Officer Thomas yet?

July 29, 2018

My latest story is Commanding Officer Thomas, and you can get it 50% off until the end of the month!


Lieutenant Lee Mallory spends his time off duty playing video games. There isn’t much else to do while stationed on the USS Nova out in deep space.

Unfortunately, a run in with his commanding officer, Jonan Thomas, strips him — and everyone else onboard — of their gaming privileges.

Thomas has had it in for Lee from day one, when they got off on the wrong foot. Now, banned from using the game server in the rec room, Lee sneaks online in his quarters after hours, looking to play.

That’s where he meets a fellow gamer onboard who’s interested in a different kind of game. As much as Lee wants to hook up, though, he can’t afford to get into any more trouble.

Can Lee take command — in the game and in the bedroom — without further aggravating his CO?


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Still “Tearin’ Up My Heart”

April 30, 2018

You may or may not know this about me, but I started writing M/M the same way most everyone does — with fan fiction.

For two years, I wrote RPS (real person slash) about Justin Timberlake and Lance Bass from *NSYNC. I also dabbled in some strange pairings (my JC/Eminem story was really popular), but my OTP was Justin/Lance, all the way.

I’m still very much a fan, but as you can imagine, *NSYNC means a lot to me because they helped me get back to writing when I was afraid I couldn’t. After I saw what sort of readership my fan fic drew, I started writing original slash (or gay erotic romance, or M/M, take your pick) and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today *NSYNC is being honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (finally!!), and to celebrate, I want to let you know that 95% of my fan fiction is still available online, but only on my own site. If you’re interested in taking a stroll down memory lane with me and the boys, you can download the stories here.

Be warned, though — All I Ever Wanted is seriously the longest thing I’ve ever written and clocks in at over 440,000 words (and 900 pages). So that one might be a bit of a slow download.

The percentage of my fan fic that isn’t online any longer has been rewritten and re-edited and released as stories in their own right. If you want to know which of my titles used to be boy band slash, check out this page on my author site.

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