Have you read … Infected Heart?

Leave a Comment October 24, 2014

Have you read Infected Heart? If not, grab a copy today only for 40% off the list price!

The population of Richmond, Virginia, has been infected with a virus that turns them into zombies. Former med student Rich Murdoch spends his days in Carytown searching for survivors, and his nights in a MCV laboratory searching for a cure. Some days, he feels like he’s the only person left in the world, until he rescues plucky college co-ed Brandi from a zombie attack. He takes her back to the lab, where he’s set up a safe house.

But it isn’t her survival Rich has in mind.

Rich knows more about the virus than he admits — he should, he created it, despite the misgivings of his lover and lab partner, Donnie. Rich has a very selfish reason to cure the virus, but will he find one in time to save the man he loves?

Read an excerpt or to save 40% off a copy at JMS Books today only!!

Have you read … A Haunted Love?

October 17, 2014

Have you read A Haunted Love? If not, grab a copy today only for 40% off the list price!

Nick works as a re-enactor at a Colonial America site. One foggy night he meets David Henry, just about the sexiest man in colonial garb Nick has ever seen. Because Nick’s missed the last bus into town, David invites him to stay the night with him at the colony’s inn.

Though there’s definitely a spark between them, David is gone when Nick wakes. When David’s claim of working as an apprentice at the glass shop doesn’t pan out, Nick begins to wonder about the guy he’s met and the ghost stories circulating around the colony, stories he always believed untrue …

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The Merriest of Men is now available!

October 13, 2014

If you’ve never read my flash story, The Merriest of Men, you can grab a copy for 99¢ today!

I’ve posted this story online, and it’s been published in my anthology Flashed!, but recently I’ve started a line of super short, highly erotic stories at JMS Books called Hot Flashes and, to kick it off, I’ve released The Merriest of Men as a standalone e-book for the first time!

We’ll be releasing Hot Flashes twice a month, and they’ll feature short (under 5,000 word) hot stories by some of our most popular authors, so if you’re a fan of flash fiction, be sure to check them out!

Robin of Locksley is renown for his prowess and cunning, and none of the men among his band of outlaws can best him when it comes to the bow and arrow. None but the brash youth called Will Scarlett, who can bring the man called Robin Hood to his knees in more ways than one.

Read an excerpt or buy a copy of the e-book today!

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