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Today’s guest is Hayden Thorne, whose latest book Guarding Angel is now available!

About Guardian Angel:

Guardian Angel is very much a return to my roots in that it’s historical (Victorian), gothic (yay, decay, death, and the macabre!), and fantastical (AU all the way, baby!). It’s also me diving into the deepest end of the pool in that it’s not only an adult novel — clearly a departure from my usual YA stuff — but it’s also self-published and is, by far, the longest book I’ve ever written at 132,157 words. I decided to take a break from writing and publishing gay YA fiction this year in order to help recharge my batteries and to, in a word, reboot. Once in a while, a writer finds the need for a change in scenery in order to come back to his or her preferred genre, dive in again, and then offer readers good, fresh material upon resurfacing.

At any rate, I really enjoyed writing this novel. Gothic fiction — a close second is Victorian ghost fiction – has always been one of my dearest loves and biggest creative influences, and in Guardian Angel, I played with gothic tropes while mixing up some magical elements meant to make the book a hybrid of classic gothic romance and dark fairy tales. While it was written as a stand alone, I ended it with the possibility of writing more novels set in the same world. Not necessarily a series, but more like episodic stories all taking place in a strange, darkly magical, yet progressive Europe sometime in the 19th century. Depending on how inspiration strikes next time, it might or might not happen, but the possibility is certainly left open.

And, finally, like those classic gothic tales, the horror elements in this book are all shaped not only by mystery and outwardly eerie details, but by the slow building up of tension through atmosphere and subtle dread.


When nineteen-year-old Dominic Coville’s parents die in an accident, leaving him not only alone but on the brink of poverty, he desperately searches for work and is thrilled when the post of secretary is awarded to him despite his obvious inexperience and ignorance. Mr. Wynyard Knight of Mandrake Abbey, however, gladly welcomes Dominic and earns the young man’s immediate sympathy for his fragile health as well as gratitude for the promising new life now awaiting Dominic.

Inside rock and timber, hungry shadows seek …

But unusual things soon happen and appear to focus solely on him, and Dominic begins to wonder about the true history of Mr. Knight, the strange young man haunting the third floor, and Mandrake Abbey. With the persistent and increasingly violent attempts at communication by an angry ghost shadowing his hours, Dominic struggles to unravel the mysteries of his new home. And even with the help of a handsome young gentleman who’s an aspiring supernaturalist as well as his clairvoyant sister, danger closes in far too quickly.

Then it’s only a matter of time before carefully constructed façades fall away, and the sickly, decaying underbelly of Mandrake Abbey’s centuries-old collection of stone and timber will reveal itself.

Set in an alternate England sometime before the mid-19th century, Guardian Angel weaves a tangled and dark tapestry of old magic, romance, and madness, a celebration of classic gothic fiction and its macabre sensibilities.

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About Hayden Thorne:

I’ve lived most of my life in the San Francisco Bay Area though I wasn’t born there (or, indeed, the USA). I’m married with no kids and three cats and am a cycling nut. I’m primarily a writer of young adult fiction, specializing in contemporary fantasy, historical fantasy, and historical genres. My books range from a superhero fantasy series to reworked and original folktales to Victorian ghost fiction. My themes are coming-of-age with a touch of romance but more on individual growth with some adventure thrown in.

My adult fiction reflects similar themes and varies considerably in terms of romantic and sexual content.

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One on One in the Studio by J.M. Snyder

June 26, 2016

My latest story One on One in the Studio is now available!


Former teen actor Joey Angel is all grown up, and now he’s trying to make a name for himself as a singer. His pop album was a big hit with female fans, but he wants street cred, and to get it, his agent books a session at Killa Whatz Studios with DJ Key.

DJ Key, a.k.a. Key Jay, a.k.a. Kian Jordan, is only one of the biggest names in hip hop. Joey’s been a fan of Key’s forever, and is thrilled — and a little intimidated — to be asked to collaborate on a new song with the myth, the man, the legend. Things get off to a rocky start when Joey discovers he isn’t the only guest in the studio. The two other rappers aren’t pleased to find a white kid crashing their air time, either.

Key manages to smooth things over, but Joey finds it hard to concentrate on the song after such a bumpy start. When Key gets him alone for a little one on one in the studio, can he help Joey relax enough to make their collaboration a success?

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When they’re finally alone, Key turns back to him, that grin slipping a notch or two. Joey can’t quite meet his steady gaze. In a low voice, Key purrs, “So what’s the sitch here, Joe?”

Joey shrugs. He can’t say he’s hot for the guy; he can’t say his own libido’s distracting him. Jesus, he knows he would be in deep shit if that got out to the paparazzi. There are enough internet haters and trolls (and some fans, he can’t deny it) who already question his sexuality, but if word went around he was hard for DJ Key? Hell, no. How to destroy a budding music career in one fell swoop. He can almost see the headlines now.

Key isn’t making things any easier, either, leaning in close, keeping that damned hand of his on Joey’s thigh. His fingers rest on the inseam of Joey’s jeans, mere inches from Joey’s crotch. Suddenly Joey’s heart seems to drop down into his belly, and he feels the beat of it hammering in his cock.

The sitch is I want you. He stares at Key’s hand so he won’t have to look into those golden eyes. If he did, he’d say something stupid, he knows it. He’d fall into their clear depths, forget who he is and why he’s here, give himself over to this man completely, and he can’t do that. He’s a professional. He can’t get distracted …

I want you in every way one man can another. I’ve wanted you for years, with nothing more than a fanboy crush, but now we’re finally in the same room at the same time and it only makes me want you all the more. I can’t concentrate with you beside me. I can’t focus, my mind goes blank, my throat dries up, my dick is about to explode. I want you, I do, that’s the sitch.

And there’s no way on earth I’m going to tell you, even if no one else is around to hear me say it out loud.

Key leans forward into Joey’s personal space, the heavy scent of his cologne swirling in after him a moment later. “I know what’s happening here,” he murmurs, his voice so low, Joey has to lean in a little, too, just to hear it.

“What?” Joey whispers.

The hand on his thigh finally makes its move, sliding all the way up his leg and into the fold of his hip. Key’s fingers press down on Joey’s sheathed dick, rubbing the outline through his shirt and jeans. His smile widens, his teeth flash. Giving Joey’s cock a faint squeeze, he says, “We both know what this all about, don’t we?”

“I …”

Key leans in closer still and cuts Joey off with a kiss. It’s unexpected and quick — a press of lips, a hint of tongue, nothing more — and before Joey knows what’s happening, it’s over.

“You feel it, too. Don’t front wit’ me.” Key’s breath is soft against Joey’s cheek. He steals another kiss, this one a bit firmer, with more tongue. “Well, I got rid of the others so it’s finally down to just you and me. So let’s do something about this before the others come back.”

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More Lies is FREE on Kindle!

June 26, 2016

Today through Tuesday, you can download the short story More Lies free ONLY on Kindle!

This is a direct sequel to Beautiful Liar, so if you enjoyed reading about Johnny and Brett, pick up this follow-up story to see what happens next!


In Beautiful Liar, former childhood television star Johnny Thomas wants to get back into show business. He hires his old manager, Lou, who has heard rumors of Johnny’s sexuality. Though he’s advised to play it straight, Johnny falls for Brett, a photographer whose candid shots of the lovers almost sinks Johnny’s career before it can get off the ground.

More Lies takes place several months after Johnny’s landed a coveted role in the upcoming Roxy Greene summer blockbuster. Lou tells him Roxy wants the media to think she and Johnny are a hot item off the set to build buzz for the movie. Now that he’s dating Brett, Johnny doesn’t feel comfortable lying about his love life, but surprisingly his boyfriend thinks it’s a great idea.

But when Johnny and Roxy meet for the first time, it’s evident neither of them are keen on the charade.
If Roxy’s attitude is any indication, she can’t stand Johnny. What happens when she finds out he’s lying about his sexuality to keep his role in her film?

Download your free Kindle copy today!

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